Smoke Control Doors

Seit über 140 Jahren

Smoke Protection EI 30 SM – EI 30 SA

Smoke tightness is ensured by an all-round peripheral seal. When properly installed and closed, the seal prevents the passing-through of cold as well as hot smoke.


Ambient temperature (index a)

Air temperature of (20 +/- 10) °C according to EN

Increased temperature (index m)

Air temperature of (200 +/- 20) °C according to EN

Smoke barriers must close autonomously at least once when smoke formation is detected.

Unterwaditzer offers smoke-control doors produced as mere smoke barriers (without fire protection) or as combined units including fire- and smoke-protection solutions. Fire protection tested according to ÖNORM 3850 and smoke protection tested according to ÖNORM 3851. Typical areas of application are schools, retirement homes, museums, hotels, restaurants and other buildings where smoke- and fire protection is legally required.