A local story of success for over 140 years

Continuous growth, hand in hand with developments in society, economy and the constructional sector, helped the company to develop from the village’s former wainwright into a much estimated and requested specialist for security doors.

This is the year that Peter Unterwaditzer lays the foundation for the company by founding a wainwright business (still known in the village as „Roda“ – wheel maker).

Peter’s son Alois takes over the business in 1896 and builds a 10 m
2 workshop in his parent’s farm house.unterwadtizter geschichte

The father of the two current company owners expands the business together with his wife Hermi. Now there are 15 employees and 850 m
2 of production space.

The company switches to CAD technology and the management passes on to the next generation: Peter and Alois Unterwaditzer.

Purchase of the first CNC-controlled machining centre. Product quality increases, and with it the potential for further growth.

Workshop space grows to 2000 m² and is now equipped with advanced protection systems to reduce inconveniences through dust and noise. Construction of a new office- and exhibition building.

The company introduces a new storage system and constructs a new cutting room with a CNC panel saw. A state-of-the-art CNC 5-axial production machine is another important acquisition.

The staff now consists of 30 employees and the office building is modernized. Construction of a varnishing room.

Specializing in innovative production techniques for functional wooden doors and constant research to develop new technologies turned out to be just the right strategy. Today, UNTERWADITZER is a reliable partner for carpentry companies and architects.